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A Watercolor Journal - Spring 2018
“It’s spring fever.  That’s what the name of it is.  And when you’ve got it, you want - oh, you don’t
quite know what it is you do want - but it fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so!”
                          - Mark Twain

Reggae Rhythms
The photo references for this painting came from the Biltmore House Conservatory in Asheville, NC.  By day, the conservatory is a peaceful, elegant place filled with exotic plants and flowers. But by night, after every visitor has left the building, faint singing can be heard coming from the hot house. The orchids are beginning their nocturnal reggae jam and the rhythms continue to flow all night long.
Finally at first light, the joyful movement becomes slower and slower as stillness settles over the orchids.  A key turns in the door. The gardener has arrived and will soon be followed by the first visitors. All is quiet in the hot house.  Until tonight…when the rhythms of the orchid reggae jam begin all over again.
Reggae Rhythms
$25 for giclee / 9.5” x 5.25”

The Art of Friendship
Clay and I met Marley and Jetze Beers while doing art shows in North Carolina. They exhibited at some of the same venues we did. Marley made jewelry while Jetze made friends. Need duct tape for your tent? Jetze had duct tape. Extra receipt books? He had those, too. We always looked forward to the shows we did together and our friendship has grown deep and strong over the years. 
Jetze & Marley
This spring Clay and I took a road trip to Nokomis, FL, where Marley and Jetze now live.  Marley continues to create her beautiful jewelry and they’ve also opened a small gallery and teaching studio called Nokomis ArtSpace.
The ArtSpace gallery features pottery, sculpture, paintings, market baskets, and handcrafted jewelry. I’m happy for the privilege of being one of the exhibiting artists in their new gallery.
Nokomis ArtSpace
The Legacy Trail
While in Nokomis I painted a small watercolor of the Legacy Trail where Clay and I walked each morning. This framed original painting is now available at the ArtSpace.  For additional information contact Marley at [email protected]. If you need anything else, just call Jetze.
The Legacy Trail / 13.5x16.5 framed original / $195

Tender Mercies Notecards
There’s just something about receiving a handwritten note in the mail.  Tender Mercies Notecards are perfect for sending a birthday wish, heartfelt thanks, or an encouraging word.  Each set is $15.95 and contains 8 blank note cards with 4 designs (2 of each). A small scripture verse is printed on the inside along the bottom of the card. To see the entire Tender Mercies Notecards collection click here
Tender Mercies Prints
Each Tender Mercies print is $9.95 and is matted to fit a 5 x 7 frame - a perfect gift for any occasion.  Shipping is 🌸free🌸 with an order of 3 or more prints.

Painting in Living Color - Art instruction in the comfort of your home
Painting in Living Color takes you through the process I used to create the watercolor Carolina Morning – from  planning to completion. In addition to this demo, there are several bonus segments:
- some of my favorite tips
- how to create your own color journal
- painting supplies 
- photographing birds  
- an easy method for mixing greens
- how to select the colors for your painting
This 100 minute DVD is jam-packed with tips, techniques, and includes a full-sized demo sketch to help get you started. I hope you enjoy it and happy painting!

 Wishing you all a beautiful spring!