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A Watercolor Journal - Spring 2019
“Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable.”
- Mary Oliver

Clay and I just returned from visiting friends in Florida and our route took us through Jacksonville where I grew up. 
Our family lived in a little pink duplex just one block from the public library.  Our house didn’t have air conditioning but the library did, so it was a great place to spend hot summer afternoons. It was there I met Kit Carson-Boy Trapper, Annie Oakley-Little Sure Shot, and Sacajawea-Bird Girl from the Childhood Biographies of Famous Americans Series (hardback books with orange covers - anyone remember?).  I wanted to be Sacajawea. 
The park was nearby and had a creek running through it. The birthplace of miracles. Just fill a jar with creek water and tadpoles, then wait a couple of days. Multitudes of miniature froglets - pure magic. During one of the Florida hurricanes, a huge tree fell across the creek creating a wonderful fort for several weeks until the clean-up crew removed it. No matter. There were always other forts to be discovered.
Childhood memories can be a mix of sunshine and clouds, but this visit reminded me of the sunshine. Days of imagination and possibilities. Of curiosity and innovation. Regardless of the years and turns our lives have taken, that child of wonder still lives on in each of us.
“After all, 
isn’t there a poet-child in each of us
quietly beseeching us
to come out and play.”
                  -  W.C.Tate
My House Willowbranch Public Library
Willowbranch Creek

For You
Our trip to Florida was all blue skies except for one rainy afternoon spent indoors - a good time for painting this little watercolor.
For You
image size - 10” x 7” / unframed
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Early Spring
The mockingbird has never been a regular visitor to our bird feeder.  I’ve often see him perched in our holly bush and I can hear him singing through his setlist.  But not a single visit until this spring when he finally showed up at the suet block. He began returning several times daily and each time his visitation felt like a gift - something I wanted to remember in watercolor.  This painting was created from a photo taken during one of his daily visits.
Early Spring
image size - 7” x 7” / unframed
prints - $25 (original has been sold)

Wild Heart
Watercolor can be handled with control, planning, and precision.  It can also yank the reins  right out of your hands and take off for parts unknown. Unpredictable and wild. This impromptu ride often becomes the most interesting part of a painting.  My challenge has been in learning to work with both the plan and the flow.  Welcoming the certainty and the mystery.  In art and also in life.
Wild Heart
image size - 10” x 7” / unframed
original - $195 (free shipping)

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Watercolor Workshops
I’m currently taking some time off from teaching but will post details of any new workshops in upcoming editions of this newsletter.  Click here to sign up for my newsletter.

Painting in Living Color - Art instruction in the comfort of your home
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Wishing you joy in the ordinary moments,