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A Watercolor Journal - Summer 2018
“There is a road from the eye to the heart that does not go through the intellect.” 
- G. K. Chesterton
No Fishing (new)
Down the hill from our house is a small lake where several flocks of Canada geese have taken up residence.  I’ve photographed them during every season of the year and the geese have become accustomed to the activity of our little neighborhood.
Not so with the great blue heron.  He’s shy and his appearance feels more like a special visitation.  When he does come to the lake, he stays down at the far end in a secluded cove where things are quiet.  No photos, thank you very much.
But on this particular morning he had ventured out and perched himself in the middle of the lake on a sign that read, “No Swimming-No Fishing-No Boating”.  He wasn’t swimming or boating - but he was clearly fishing and had been at it for some time. Great Blue was so focused on his breakfast that he paid no attention to me while I shot photo after photo.  It was a special visitation and No Fishing was inspired by that morning on the lake.
No Fishing
 No Fishing
21" x 14" image size
original not available (yet) / prints coming soon
It might be a subtle tremor or the major shifting of tectonic plates beneath your feet.  When change is happening all around you, here’s some solid ground you can stand on.  “I have loved you with an everlasting love.” Jeremiah 31:3
6" x 9" image size
Open Edition Giclee / $25
Iredell Arts Council - Featured Exhibit
This fall my watercolors will be featured at the Iredell Arts Council in Statesville, NC.  The opening reception is Sept. 26 from 6:30 PM- 8:30 PM and the exhibit will conclude on Nov. 7. Hope you can come!
For additional information please contact the Iredell Arts Council at: 704-873-6100 / 
One Fine Day
One Fine Day
 21" x 27" framed size
original watercolor / $675
Cheap Joe’s Workshops - A Sneak Peak...
This summer I’ve had the happy opportunity to teach 3 watercolor workshops at Cheap Joe’s in Boone, NC.  For artists who may be wondering what a Cheap Joe’s workshop is like, here’s a sneak peek…
When you arrive on the first day, helpers are standing by to assist in carrying your art supplies to the workshop room.  Each student has their own large table, adjustable chair, and trash basket.  Something special is waiting for you on your table.  It’s a little gift from Cheap Joe’s and you’ll find another one there each morning.  
The room is well-lit and equipped with plenty of sinks, a refrigerator, blow dryers, paper cutter, light box, and other artist amenities.  If you need it, Cheap Joe's has thought of it.  In the demo area, a large flat screen with zoom capacity makes watching the instructor easy and cushioned chairs makes it comfortable.  A delicious lunch is catered in Monday through Thursday.  Also provided are the daily necessities of coffee, tea, filtered water, fruit, and…chocolate. 
Forget to bring a brush or tube of paint?  The outlet store is adjacent to the workshop room and the friendly staff knows art supplies inside and out.  It doesn’t take long to get the impression that Cheap Joe’s cares very much about each person who walks through their doors.  This culture of caring comes from the heart of Joe Miller himself.  You’re not just a workshop customer but have become part of the Cheap Joe’s family.
Thanks, Cheap Joe’s - for making such a beautiful, workshop space for artists.  Thank you for creating a legacy of genuine caring.  And thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve as a Cheap Joe’s workshop instructor.
Our Happy Place
Well done, Gina!
Workshop project #1 - Fly Away

Tender Mercies Notecards
There’s just something about receiving a handwritten note in the mail.  Tender Mercies Notecards are perfect for sending a birthday wish, a heartfelt thanks, or an encouraging word.  Each set is $15.95 and contains 8 blank note cards with 4 designs (2 of each). A small scripture verse is printed on the inside at the bottom of the card. To see the entire Tender Mercies Notecards collection click here

Painting in Living Color - Art instruction in the comfort of your home
Painting in Living Color takes you through the process I used to create the watercolor Carolina Morning – from  planning to completion. In addition to this demo, there are several bonus segments:
- some of my favorite tips
- how to create your own color journal
- painting supplies 
- photographing birds  
- an easy method for mixing greens
- how to select the colors for your painting
This 100 minute DVD is jam-packed with tips, techniques, and includes a full-sized demo sketch to help get you started.  I hope you enjoy it and happy painting!      

After this summer I’m planning to take some time off from teaching to recharge my creative batteries.  Subscribers to this newsletter will receive notification of future workshops before the information is posted on my website - so let's stay in touch!  click here to sign up for my newsletter  
Wishing you a peaceful summer’s end,