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A Watercolor Journal - Spring 2017
“Courage is found is unlikely places.”
- J.R.R.Tolkein
Hi friends,
It's been an interesting spring here in the foothills of North Carolina.   February's warmth coaxed the flowers into blooming earlier than usual.  Then March came roaring in like the proverbial lion with strong winds and freezing temperatures.  Many years ago when my son was a little boy, he wrote a poem called “True Spring”.  I recall one line where an oak is admonishing the flowers not to bloom too early:
       “Don’t be so sure,” said a tree who was old, 
       “It’s been like this and then gotten cold.” 
The old tree was right. The only accurate predictor of temperature is this - put away all your winter clothes. It’s a surefire guarantee of more cold weather to come. (I’m not touching my closet.)

Parlez-vous Français?
I was invited to write an article for the French fine arts magazine, Practique des Arts and am honored to learn that  Rhythm and Blues made the cover.  Also included in this issue is an article by the wonderful watercolor artist, Anne Abgott.  

In the Studio
Rise and Shine
Brown Eyed Girl
Brown Eyed Girl was painted from a photo taken several years ago at a farm not far from our home. I had propped my camera on a fence post when a calf approached, clearly curious about what was going on. I was able to zoom in and capture her beautiful eyes. Those gentle, brown eyes with their long lashes were the inspiration for this watercolor.  
True Blue
“The bluebird carries the sky on his back.”
- Henry David Thoreau

Tender Mercies - little seeds of hope
Each Tender Mercies print is just $8.95 and is matted to fit a 5 x 7 frame - a perfect gift for birthdays, Easter, Mother’s Day, or any occasion really.  Shipping is 🌸free!🌸 with an order of 3 or more prints.

Watercolor Workshops
My 2017 workshops are sold out, but the following 2018 location is taking registrations. Don’t miss your opportunity to sign up - seats are beginning to fill!
July 16 - 20, 2018 
Boone, NC
Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff
Contact: Edwina May
Level:  Beginner (with basic watercolor skills) / Intermediate
Early registration discounts available (at least 6 months prior to workshop)
Painting in Living Color DVD
Can’t make it to a workshop?  Here’s the next best thing…
Painting in Living Color takes you through my process for creating the watercolor Carolina Morning – from planning to completion.  In addition to this demo, there are several bonus segments :
some of my favorite tips
how to create your own color journal
painting supplies 
photographing birds  
an easy method for mixing greens
how to select the colors for your painting
This 100 minute DVD is jam-packed with tips, techniques, and includes a full-sized demo sketch to help get you started.   
$24.99 + $3.00 US shipping
$24.99 + $13.50 (orders shipping outside the U.S.)
Wishing you all a beautiful spring,
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